Attach your House with AT RumaH

  • Better Returns form your Property
  • No More Hunting for Tenants
  • No more Vacant Flats
  • No more Worry about Flat Maintenance
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    How it works

    Attach with At RumaH

    We will help you furnish your flat with best in the industry appliance and furnishing. Our Tie ups will make sure you get the best price and credit.

    Finding Tenants

    AT RumaH sales team and marketing tools will make sure your house gets the right verified tenants. Complete documentation and Move is done by AT RumaH team.

    Maintaining the House

    We have a set of procedures and team to make sure your house is in order all the time. End to end Maintenance of your house - plumbing, electrical, electronics and carpenter work

    End of Each Month

    You will get a automatic AT RumaH CRM generated income – expense statement in your inbox, The payment will be made as per the statement.

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    Hassle Free Rental Management Service

    Quick Documentation Work

  • Drafting tenant agreement
  • Verifying tenant ID card
  • Police verification of tenants
  • Best House Care

  • Quick plumbing, electrical and AC service
  • Scheduled House Keeping
  • On demand deep cleaning & disinfection service
  • Tenant Management

  • Find Verified Tenants
  • Arrange House Visit
  • Help them move in
  • Guaranteed Rental Earnings

  • Guaranteed rent by 10th of every month
  • Sales team and Marketing tools guarantee a high occupancy
  • No more rent breaks and broker fees
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    Benefits of Renting with AT RumaH

    High Earning Potential

    Paying Guest system provides a higher rent than a fixed monthly rental system.

    Know what you earn and spend

    Monthly income – expense statement will come to your inbox form AT RumaH CRM.

    Real Time Tracking

    AT RumaH CRM / mobile APP provides real time visibility into the details of tenants and the complaints raised

    Abide by Rules and Regulations

    We Abide by the rules and regulations of the community and impose the same with the tenants.